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Whether the odor in your house is from a natural disaster or your own pet, you can count on the odor removal specialists at ServiceMaster Superior Services. We’ll make your house smell great again.

Priceless: The smell of clean air

Removal of severe odors requires a variety of professional products, special processes, systems and specialty equipment. Rest assured that we have the capability to remove a wide range of odors from your home or business effectively and affordably.

Skilled and well-equipped cleaning technicians

With more than 25 years of experience, you can count on our experts to do the job the right way.

 • Sewage

 • Fire and smoke

 • Skunk and cat urine odors

 • Garbage and food odors

 • Fuel oil

 • Nicotine

Odor has met its match

Why mask the offending stench when you can have its root cause removed? Count on us to empty an array of specially-formulated products that are designed to deactivate the odor on a molecular level. This leaves the area odor-free without any residual masking fragrance.

Complete elimination of odor

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 • Air scrubbers

 • Thermal fogging

 • Ozone

 • Hydroxyl generators

 • Nano filter technology

 • Exclusive odor deodorization process

Modern equipment